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Activewear designed specifically for you.

At TACKL, we help people create custom athletic & casual wear.

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Milwaukee Barbarians Logo

Case Study

Milwaukee Barbarians

Rugby / Team Wear

Like many rugby clubs, the Milwaukee Barbarians have been through many iterations of apparel design and delivery. We designed a new range for them to showcase some of the men’s products in our catalog.

With a mix of new and old items, this unofficial team store highlights many of the benefits of TACKL such as on-demand fulfillment, no ordering deadlines, and worldwide shipping.

What makes TACKL a good fit for your custom brand?

Home Delivery

Items are shipped directly to your customers homes for maximum convenience.

Fast Production

Items typically ship 7-10 days after placing an ordering.

No Deadlines

This store never closes and the available items grow over time.

Profit Sharing

5% of every sale goes back to you so you earn as you grow your brand.

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